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Expert tooling wear Manufacturers | Specialists in Roof Tile Tooling

We are an engineering company doing specialist CNC machining. Manufacturing wear-tooling for a variety of trades, currently specialising in Roof Tile Tooling. As a family-owned enterprise, we contribute to an engineering legacy which began 40 years ago.

We worked on projects as big as the SALT project (Salt African Large Telescope), to manufacturing the smallest parts for the automotive industry.

With our many years of experience, we have been able to fine-tune our tooling, resulting in a better tools that lasts longer, lowering the maintenance cost for our customers.

Our Hybrid Roof Tile Machines and Tooling has delivered proven results of more tiles produced per tooling set and ease of setup which results in lower costs per tile.

Laser Cutting

  • Sheet sizes of up to 4000mm
  • Mild Steel with a maximum capacity of 25,0mm
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium up to 12mm
  • Brass of up to 4.5mm
  • Copper up to 3mm

Tube Laser Cutting

  • Round Cutting of 16mm up to 305mm
  • Square Tube Cutting fom 16x16mm up to 254x254mm
  • Rectangular Tube Cutting from 20x30mm up to 150x250mm
  • Lip channel, I-Beams and Angle Iron if possible
  • 2D/3D Cutting
  • Lengths up to 12,5mm
  • Load capacity up to 60kg
  • Mild Steel from 1.2mm to 12mm
  • Stainless steel from 1.2mm to 8mm
  • Aluminium steel from 1.2mm to 3mm



  • Width of up to 1300mm
  • Grit from 60 to 240 - Finish

Drilling, Tapping and Countersinking

  • We welcome customers supplying their own material
  • Free delivery to surrounding areas

CNC Bending

  • Maximum force up to 150 tons
  • Maximum Length of 3100mm
  • 6 axis control
  • We use an angle measuring system
  • Hydraulic Crowning
  • 3D Development Software

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